HOT GIRLS on Teen Cribz

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Subscribe to The STATION by MAKER: Hot Girls is now a series! Be sure to check out our newest season! Ariel shows off her pad (which has some unique features) on this episode of Teen Cribz. Share this on Facebook -- Get music from the video here: Watch the behind the scenes here: CONNECT WITH US: TWITTER -- FACEBOOK -- MYSPACE -- CAST Ariel -- Jasmine -- Bentley -- Criss Angel -- Fat Guy in Suit -- Favorite Slave (Ceciley Jenkins) -- Slave -- Chris Caldwell Directed/Edited: LisaNova -- Camera by Will Watkins -- and Music: Bad Bad Man Diamond in the Back Downhill IFM Hangin Hustler Throw Ya Shapes Up Thug Life What Ya Gonna Do With You KOS Provided courtesy of APM Music LLC Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: YouTube: Web: About The STATION by MAKER: Lowkey, we're kinda funny. The STATION by MAKER is home to comedy sketches and skits, music videos, and the best funny original content in the entire universe. It’s literally the funniest thing that’s ever been created.